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Hotel Bondeheimen and Kaffistova are  Eco-lighthouse certified companies. This means that we take sustainability seriously and have fulfilled strict requirements within areas such as working environment, purchasing, energy, emissions and waste management.

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Some of our sustainability measures

We sort our waste in more than 10 different fractions and deliver e.g. plastics, paper, cardboard, food waste, glass and metal for recycling.                                                                                                  

Our guest bathrooms have dispenser soap and shampoo.

We cooperate with and encourage our suppliers to come up with eco-friendly products and services. Our staff use eco-friendly cleaning methods with minimal use of water and chemicals.

We offer a selection of organic foods on our breakfast buffet.                                                  

We aim to reduce food waste through conscious portioning and efficient utilization of raw materials and leftovers.                                                                                                                                        

We encourage our guests to make sustainable choices!

How you can contribute

You may for instance:

·        use your towel for more than one day

·        help yourself to the right amount of food at breakfast

·        keep dry and wet/organic waste apart in your room (we will take care of the rest!)

Do you want to know more?

Send us an e-mail: gm@bondeheimen.com