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Hotell Bondeheimen, a hotel in Oslo with history, Sus!

Hotell Bondeheimen in Oslo is connected with between Kaffistova and Heimen Husflid, a subsidiary of Bøndenes Hus.
Hotell Bondeheimen and Kaffistova, as they now lie in Rosenkrantz Street 8, were founded in 1913. All these years, Hotell Bondeheimen is our place of residence for people from the district.
Also artists such as Sigrid Undset and Knut Hamsun, avis-folk from Akersgata and shooters from theaters in the area have had Bondeheimen in Oslo as a natural choice.


Kaffistova is one of the city's most traditional cafés and restaurants in its 110 years. Kaffistova serves Norwegian traditional food in solid portions until kl. 21 left day (19:00 and sunday) and is also a breakfast restaurant for Hotell Bondeheimen. Kaffistova is owned by the Farmers' House.